The most distant cactus…

The Eighth Baby from the Third Baby from the Fourth Baby from the First Baby from the Thirty-Second Baby from the Fourth Baby from The Mother Cactus = 4/32/1/4/3/8 becomes the most distant offspring in the grand family tree of Day Of The Cacti


A Wren visits....

Opened the greenhouse this evening after work and found this visitor. I've left the door ajar for him to fly out when he wants to. Lovely little bird and the closet I've ever knowingly been to a wren. Didn't make a sound except for hopping about amongst the cacti.

Wren zoom.jpg

The Membranes

Wonderful band The Membranes proudly displaying their cacti post-gig in Komedia in Bath last month. Thanks to Sarah for the snap. Left to right: John Robb, Pete Byrchmore & Rob Haynes. Take a listen to their amazing 2015 album: Dark Matter/Dark Energy

Winter Survival

Pleased to report that so far, all of the cacti in the greenhouse have survived the winter. However, it's only when the temperature warms up will it be known what damage has been done. Updates soon.